About me


Pino Fontelos was born in Torrijos with the name of Vicente Alonso Fontelos.

I am a graduate in the Faculty of Information Sciences (Journalism); and Master in Research in Journalism: Discourse and Communication, in the Faculty of Information Sciences, University Complutense Madrid. I worked in the newspaper El Día de Toledo. Later, in newspaper of national circulation Abc. After that, I worked for eight years as political adviser in the Presidency of the autonomous government of Castilla-La Mancha.
At the moment, I am doctorando in the program of Doctorate in Journalism of the UCM, line of investigation in Political Communication. I am also a visitor to the London School of Ecomics and Political Science.
My doctoral thesis investigates the Moral Responsibility and Reputation of the Crown Spanish in the Nóos case. At present, I am Collaborator in External Teaching in the Faculty of Psychology of the UCM, Department of Differential and Work Psychology, in Media Efects and Mass Communication: Psychology of Communication and models of representation in Consumption.

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